Creating the Ultimate Bubble Bath

Creating the Ultimate Bubble Bath

Maybe you’re a full-time shower guy but you’re looking for a way to shake things up. A bath may be the perfect method to get some relaxing time in, whether it’s just for yourself or for your partner.

A good, long bath can melt away stress from a particularly demanding day. If you're lucky enough to have a bathtub in your home or apartment, perhaps you're pulling out all the stops for a relaxing soak: candles, music, crystals, as well all the soothing bath products you can get your hands on—be it a handful of Epsom salts, the perfect-smelling soaps, a bath bomb, or a bottle of bubble bath.

7 Tips for the Perfect Bubble Bath

Clean Environment

Nothing ruins the relaxation mood like a dirty room. Make sure your soak lives up to its full potential by including a thorough cleaning. Freshen up a shower curtain that’s past its prime to make the room feel more like a hotel and less like your guest bathroom. And put away the clutter! No one needs a visual of your foot cream while they are trying to have a relaxing and romantic bubble bath.

Don’t forget to put out a fresh bar of soap and your favorite bubble bath. Did you know that winter skin has different needs and needs a bit of extra moisture? A mild natural, moisturizing soap is recommended for dry skin, especially during cold weather. Dry winter skin conditions are often exacerbated by harsh detergent soaps that contain fragrance oils and synthetic chemicals that wash off natural skin-protecting oils.

Water Temperature

Hot water is great for soothing sore muscles and easing tension. They can help you relax and, depending on how hot the water temperature is and/or how long you stay in the tub, it can actually enervate you (sap your energy). This can be helpful in preparing you to fall asleep if you're wound up, stressed out or anxious.

If you take a very hot bath, it's extremely important to remain aware of just how drained the hot water is making you so you don't pass out, fall asleep in the tub, or get lightheaded and lose your balance when you stand up or step out of the tub. This would NOT be a good way to end your romantic evening.

Set the Mood

If it’s a bath for two, engrave an invitation to your romantic bath on a bar of soap with a toothpick and leave it out underneath a folded washcloth somewhere your partner will find, so they’re ready for the experience.

If it is just for you, set the tone with a little music. Your choice of music will have a major effect on your mood, so take the time to give some thought to this essential component of the ambiance.

Essential Oils

Since ancient times, the essence of plants, roots and flowers have been pressed. The essential oils were then used as aphrodisiacs to inspire allure and desire. There are a wide range of essential oils that aid sensuality.

Lavender oil decreases anxiety and stress, and as you probably know, being relaxed is a precursor to feeling the romance. While the essential oil of nutmeg is thought to increase sexuality in men, sandalwood can improve the overall mood for women. Essential oils not your thing? Consider picking up a lavender or lemongrass scented bar or soap.


Candles instantly create a wonderfully relaxing ambiance that helps you unwind and soothes away your stress—the perfect setting for a luxurious and/or romantic bubble bath! And, of course, candlelight is extremely flattering. Keep the ambience flawless by placing candles on a smooth surface away from any flammable items.

Tea lights are easy to use, make little mess and are easy to throw away once cooled. Don’t place candles where you may splash water on them. Another option is to use battery-operated flameless candles with LEDs, which stay cool and are safer than candles with open, burning flames. They will definitely set the mood, but they won’t kill the romance by making you worry about a house fire.

Pop the Bubbly!

Engaging all five senses can greatly enhance your bath-time pleasure, and sipping a cool, refreshing beverage—especially an effervescent one—definitely can add to the festive atmosphere.

During your bubble bath, make sure to use non-breakable glasses. There's nothing romantic, relaxing or fun about having broken glass on your bathroom floor when you're stepping into or out of the tub in bare feet! You should try to drink alcohol sparingly to avoid dehydration as you bathe. But don’t worry, there are plenty of great non-alcoholic sparkling wines you can try with your luxury bubble bath. And, for a fun twist, try pairing our beer soap with your bubbly.

Warm, Fluffy Towels

Being able to wrap your sweetheart in a soft, fluffy towel can be a sensual experience in and of itself. The last thing you want when you get out of the tub is to hug up a thin, scratchy towel. Talk about a vibe killer!

Invest in a heated towel rack to keep the towels toasty. Take turns drying each other off for a more intimate experience. Or really treat yourself or your love by getting a personalized terry cloth robe and slippers.

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