Tips for the Perfect Spring Break Skin

Tips for the Perfect Spring Break Skin

Spring Break is coming and everyone is preparing to make sure they are looking their best for the time off. One facet that often does not get enough attention is skincare. Many people plan to hit up sunny getaways, however, these destinations might throw off your skin. Here are some tips to keep your skin in top shape before and after vacation.

How to Get Your Skin Spring Break Ready!

Whether you’re planning a trip to someplace sunny and warm for spring break or you’re just excited about shedding some layers, now is the perfect time to start caring for your skin.


If your skin care regimen doesn’t already dedicate a day to exfoliating, it’s time to change up your routine. Think about all of the sunscreen, salt water, and makeup your face is going to endure while you’re on vacation – your complexion could really use a fresh start.

Get your skin ready for spring break by using a soap with a natural exfoliator once or twice a week. It’ll break up the dead skin cells that accumulated on your complexion throughout the week, leaving your skin smooth, fresh, and ready for the sunshine. Our Vinyl Scratcher soap or Scrub Side of the Moon are excellent choices, both of which are boosted with activated charcoal for ultra exfoliating.

Try A Body Scrub

Your face isn’t the only area that could use a good scrub before vacation. Exfoliating the rest of your body with a refreshing body scrub. It’ll remove all of those pesky dead skin cells you acquired from the dreaded winter weather, ultimately revitalizing your dry skin to smoothness and hydration. Our Coffee Break soap contains freshly ground coffee beans to exfoliate and deliver caffeine straight to the skin to tighten and brighten.

Use a Hydrating Face Mask

To keep your skin ready for that spontaneous photo shoot that’s bound to happen during your trip, consider prepping your skin with a hydrating face mask once a week. Not only will your skin be ready to take on the camera, but your complexion will be impressively soft to the touch.

Use a Naturally Moisturizing Soap

Soap is great for cleansing the hands, face, and body, but some types of soap can dry out your skin. Dry skin conditions are often exacerbated by harsh detergent soaps that contain fragrance, oils, and synthetic chemicals that wash off natural skin-protecting oils. A mild, natural, moisturizing soap is recommended for dry skin, especially if you are going to be exposing your skin to the elements during Spring Break.

While you are on spring break, whether you are hitting the slopes or relaxing on the beach, these tips will help you keep your skin safe and looking great!

Don’t Skimp on Sunscreen

While nothing says “I just spent the past week sitting on a beach” quite like a tan, the damage it does to your skin is anything but envy-inducing. While you may feel like a golden god, UV exposure – the source of your golden complexion – is linked to long-term damage like wrinkles and freckling, as well as skin cancer. So apply sunblock liberally and often – preferably one that’s waterproof and offers broad-spectrum protection. You’ll still get some color, just not all of the damage.

The sun can also wreak havoc on a fresh tattoo. If covering it up isn't possible, make sure to at least apply ample sunscreen. Because your tattoo is really a fresh wound, your skin is so much more vulnerable to damage at this point. If you end up getting a blistering sunburn, it can cause fading, not to mention pain. Make sure you stock up on things like tattoo balm and moisturizer to help prevent fading and even restore old tattoos. And remember to rinse off that sunscreen once the day is done.

Our Fresh & Clean soap will help refresh your sunkissed skin once the sun goes down. It's a fresh blend of blood orange, seaberry, passionfruit, raspberry, starfruit, rose water, violet leaf, thyme, and musk. What better way is there to prepare for the night?

Remember Your Sunglasses

It’s tricky to get sunscreen on the area around your eyes without actually getting it in your eyes. While no one wants to deal with the pain of getting sunscreen in your eyes, your eyelids, under-eye area, and brows are especially vulnerable to sun damage. Good sunglasses are a painless way to protect this extra-vulnerable part of your face.

Have it Made in the Shade

You may feel like it defeats the purpose of going to a beach, but limiting direct exposure to sunlight will save your skin a whole lot of hardship later on. Harmful UV rays are at their most intense between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. While limiting your beach time to mornings and evenings may not be practical (or fun), you can still protect yourself from the brunt of the burn.

Clothing is a valuable tool to protect your skin from UV rays. Protective clothing is made with a higher Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) to shield your skin. With so many options available, including swimming accessories, there is something out there to fit your style or your favorite activities. Add a wide-brimmed hat to cover your ears, neck, face, and scalp to guard against sunburn.

Stay Hydrated (No, Margaritas Don’t Count)

Maintaining proper hydration is an important part of maintaining your overall health. The average adult has about 21 square feet of skin, made up of 300 million skin cells – and each of those cells needs water to function properly. While you’re soaking up the sun, your body is sweating out important fluids, causing your skin to lose elasticity, become rough to the touch, and even crack. So before you say “una mas” to the margaritas, do your body a favor and feed it some good old-fashioned agua (water).

Set goals for water intake to help you maintain a healthy amount of hydration. For example, try to drink a large glass of water when you wake up, keep a water bottle with you throughout the day and swap sodas or sugary drinks for water at meals.

Moisturizer is Your BFF

But, drinking water is only part of the hydration equation. Sun exposure and loss of fluids leaves your skin parched and vulnerable. Long-term, it can exacerbate the effects of aging with fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration. So, while you’re replenishing fluids inside, hydrate your skin from the outside with head-to-toe moisturizing.

Got a little too much sun? If you’re feeling the burn, use a good moisturizer – preferably ones that don’t contain petroleum (traps heat on the skin), lidocaine or benzocaine (may irritate the skin) – or a lotion that contains aloe vera to soothe the sting. Ibuprofen or an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream can help ease the pain, reduce inflammation, and prevent further skin damage.

Whether you’re looking for a weeklong party or much-needed rest and relaxation, a break from routine doesn’t mean you should spring into some bad habits. Enjoy the beach, but take care of your skin.

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